wow, i don't know where to begin... but I will say that I was totally honored to be apart of their special day-

kris + steve

I am only scratching the surface in editing the photos I took yesterday but I can easily see why photographers get hooked on weddings! It is so exciting and a great life experience to be able to capture for people-not easy but surely worth it. I am not by any means a professional but I really enjoyed being involved in their day and helping where I was needed. I will share some more photos tomorrow.

love's hold


first kiss.

Kris asked me to take photos earlier in the year and I am not going to lie, I was so nervous at having such a big responsibility, but they were so easy and fun to be around. I dreamed of weddings all night Saturday but the nerves slipped away with each picture I took yesterday. I am so glad I said yes and for Kris for asking me to partake in their day...


  1. beautiful photos, vee! i can already see that you did an amazing job.

  2. wonderful photos!!! i love weddings and i'm so glad i'm NOt the main photog. too much pressure but you rocked it.

  3. great photos!
    I love her sweet smile in that last "almost kiss" picture.

    You got mad skills chick!

  4. The pictures are absolutely beautiful, Vee!!! The colors are fabulous!

  5. sigh
    i loveee my wedding photos :D


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