the lens
I picked up some new ink colors yesterday and sassafras so I was itching to create with it last night. ...aren't those balloons the cutest? I also finished up the other layout from the weekend below.

The inks that I use the most are the Tim Holtz Distressed Inks, I love them and the pigment in them just rocks! I did order a bottle of Maya Mist with my Studio Calico kit this month so I am going to test that baby out tonight.

Thank you for the book suggestions, putting some on reserve at my library tonight!
....nothing much as to say, got some sad news at work that one of volunteers that we work closely with died last night. They do not know the cause of death at the moment, he was young, so so funny and always a pleasure to work with...just bummed about it :(. So the weather for sure matches my mood today. xo


  1. Those balloons are precious. Sorry to hear about your friend. :(

  2. you do such an incredible job with those inks and dyes! really cool!

    and I'm sorry to hear about your coworker - that's always a hard situation to deal with. hugs to you!

  3. beautiful work. Wow.

    So sorry about the loss of your coworker/volunteer. It's so hard to lose someone young.

  4. i am totally envious of your inking skills!!

  5. Ah love them layouts! Gorgeous! Really like the second one, wow! :)

    Sorry to hear about your coworker...

  6. You rock the paint/mists girl. You will love the Maya mists, you were made for each other! Two more days of "chance of thunderstorms." Arggh. Sorry about your friend, it's always hard when it's a young person with promise.

  7. ooh awesome layouts, my dear!

  8. SO sorry to hear about the volunteer at your job. My thoughts are with you. Love your pages!

  9. geeez you rock the paint.


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