No scraps today, but I did pick up some photo paper this morning and will be scrapping tonight! I can't wait... really looking forward to it and will have somethings to share tomorrow. I took this photo along the roadside in North Carolina, we really enjoyed the drive this year down south to FL. s2 were so content and enjoyed their new movies (Beverly Hills Chihuahua (super cute movie) and HSM3), slept and played both ways.

Some new , well new to me, websites that are inspiring me a lot lately:
An Indian Summer
Green Wedding Shoes
Ruthi Auda

I am looking forward to the weekend and better weather, we are having really bad thunderstorms this week. The weather is supposed to be better this weekend, I hope so because I really want to get some flowers planted before it is to late to enjoy them.

So looking forward to new seasons of Burn Notice and True Blood! Now I won't miss Lost, Grey's and Supernatural so much,lol.


  1. COOL photo. Thanks for the inspiration links!

  2. Welcome back!
    Great photo.


  3. gorgeous photo, and my girls love those movies too!

  4. Those blogs were incredible! Loved seeing photos from your vacation too. And that page in your post above is rockin!


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