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85.365 yay!
Hey!! Good news, I picked my mac up from mac heaven on Friday and it works great! I am so happy to have it back...which means I have pictures to scrap now! I can't wait because I have lots of free time on my hands this week because s2 went to their grandparents for a week! Totally unexpected and last minute but they are having a blast with my mom! I miss them but they love being with their Nana and going to the country stores. It is so funny seeing them visiting the places I used to go when I was a child.

So this weekend was very laid back, saw The Proposal at the movies, looked at The Reader and Revolutionary Road at home and just chilled. The Proposal was super cute and funny. Also picked up a new book at Border's in the bargain section:

new read
It looks like a very interesting read and very reflective of the times we live in with layoffs, people starting over, cutting back, etc. The city is buzzing about the Real World Cast, filming is supposed to start this week. It is funny being that we see politicians regularly but people are more excited about this show and seven strangers, lol.
happy monday, xo!


  1. You look sooo pretty in that pic!! My laptop is sick! lol Hopefully my brother can work his magic on it this weekend! I feel totally out of place without it.
    Have fun scrapping new pics!

  2. That is an awesome picture of you ma! Those colors are superfab on you girl!

    Happy to see you have your mac back! Yay!!

    and im totally watching true blood!! super crazy sexy good!

  3. lol!... i just got revolutionary road. i tried to watch it and it was boring me so i scrapbooked instead.

  4. Glad you got your Mac! I'm here in Alexandria. I'm not sure where the Chipotle is there, but I know where FairOaks Mall is. We should definitely try to get together. I have to bring my ds though, dh is deployed.

  5. Lucky you! SO much time to scrap ;)

  6. wow, a whole week to yourself?!?! Have fun!! :)

  7. lovin' the pic with the MAC. I so want one!! :) Happy scrappin' to you & i can't wait to see the goodness you create :)

  8. oh no, real world is MD? I'm just waiting for them to come up to AK. crazy. glad you got your baby back. wish I was there to have girls night while the kiddos are away!

  9. MA! Where have I been... your comp is back and safe? You're glowing! I love it! Happy times :D


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