finally a spark...

start of a new mini
We looked thru some old photos last night. The children always get a kick out of baby pics of themselves ( I do as well when looking thru my old family photos). It is so much fun to see their reactions and all of the giggles that ensues while they are looking at them. So since I am low on photos, I pulled them all together this morning to make a mini of them. They are the random photos that I didn't "fit" into the scheme of a layout but are perfect for a mini. I will make a post of the MMM blog tomorrow with photos of the mini. ;) It will be perfect for them to get their little hands on it whenever they want and tote it around the house, which can't be done with their big ones. I can't wait to get back home tonight to finish it up!

Let's see, oh if you are coming by the GASC in Chantilly next Friday, I will be there walking around looking for some deals. It is a good show to shop at, crop and take classes! So say hi if you see me, love meeting everyone irl. :)

Weekend plans are starting to firm up, which I am happy about and makes the rest of the week bearable. xo


  1. i love looking at old photos too! have some up in my new place, but a mini would be cool too!!

  2. we'll be going to the GASC on saturday. i hope you have fun! i can't wait to see your mini!


  3. its soo much btter for me to make mini's--for tylers lil' hands to hold on to--he's beat up 2 of my fav 12x12 albums--i keep them all in a basket under the coffee table--he's learned to put them back after he's finished--i've even found a couple in his backpack---bleshh him heart--**wink**

  4. no, V, YOU are awesome!! you know how much i love you and your work! you have inspired me daily for some time now. So, i say thank you... THANK YOU!!!
    And I LOVE old photos!!! :D

  5. that will be coolio.
    can't wait to see it.

    vee your know your the bomb....i've said it b4 and i'll say it again! :)



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