water fight :)
Just a few more pics for today as I have no scrappies to share. I need photo paper, don't you hate it when it runs out, but I am off to staples to pick some up today, can't take another day without it.... I want to scrap. I've been walking around with an idea for a layout in my head for a few days and it is killing me, lol. Anywho.... nana picked up some water guns for s2 while we were in FL, it was raining cats and dogs in this picture....yeah that is Synai drinking water from the water gun, geez....
Sailboats at the marina in St. Johns, we fell in love with this island. I can't wait to go back next year!
one for you one for me :)
My mom and I had a beer at an outside bar in St. Marteen... it was so good because it was a hot one that day. It was cool to put some of my elementary french to use again while talking to the locals.
Back in our room on the ship, s2 went to camp carnival when we docked in St. Thomas and St. Marteen. I was a lil' bummed because this is the first time ever they wanted to do their own thing while on the cruise and not be with us. I guess they are getting independent. Synai got her face painted, never mind my dragon eyes, woah!
Me, post vacation... :) I have one of my sis to share tomorrow, but I really didn't take that many photos, just enjoying my family and the places we visited. We had a great time with lots of laughs, met some very interesting people, lol. xo


  1. I soooo love that flower in your hair!! Beautiful!

  2. hi vee,
    what kind of printer/photo paper do you use?

    ps you're pretty;)

  3. I'm digging the flower in the hair! :)

  4. gorgeous photo ma! i love how soft it is. happy weekend AHHHHHH!


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