Let's see we had a fun non-productive weekend.Those are the best kinds, don't you agree? I did more this morning than I did all weekend in the house- (lol)
mowed lawn,watered garden,washed two loads of laundry, plus folded and put away said laundry.

School is officially out for my little tribe. Hoping to plan a few fun things for us this summer to do together. I know for sure we will be spending lots of time at the movies. We want to see Transformers of course, GI Joe and a few others I can't think at the moment. We did see UP yesterday, super cute movie and very touching. I love Pixar movies. :) I also want to incorporate some craft time in the mornings, since they aren't as rushed.

I made another layout on Thursday, it was a quick one and pretty simple but I like it.
Thank you on the sweet comments on my garden,computer and for reading my blog. :) It really means a lot to me....

instant vintage.
True Blood's season premiere was last night and it did not disappoint! I loved it and can't wait to see how the season will unfold. I won't go into details but it was good, Sookie gets on my nerves still, still love Bill and his charm, humor is still dead on and was so happy to see my boy Lafayette!
I hope you have a blessed week! ;)


  1. Beautiful layout! HOpe you guys have a good summer!

  2. i don't have HBO now because I had to downsize my cable. I'm so sad cause I'm missing True Blood!! Thank you for letting me know Lafayette is alive. I think he is so sexy!!

  3. Glad you had a good relaxing weekend! Loving the new layout! Wish I could watch True Blood!

  4. *wipes sweat from brow* girl, i was relieved to see lafayette!!!! i thought it was even funnier than before. love it!

  5. that new photo is beautiful Vee!! After saying how slow my garen was growing, I went out there yesterday and have a little green tomatoe coming along that is just big enough to bend the poor plant over! Grrr... LOL :)
    Great LO about your sis, it will be such a heritage piece in years to come... :)

  6. Sookie gets on your nerves too?? So glad I'm not along with that - sometimes I just wish she'd stop bullying these guys that bend over backwards for her!!

    But yes, it was SO good, and thank goodness about Lafayette. Though, after last night's show now I'm wondering again.

    Gorgeous layout, all the paint and splatter is just yum.


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