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baby photos mini
So I have been slowly scrapping this week with my "idle" time...lol. It has been a slow process, mostly in the mornings because that is when I miss s2 the most. Thankfully my sister and I pass the evenings with workouts,vegging out in front of our shows and chatting. When I talked to s2 yesterday, I was a little bummed and my mommy was like, "Veronica what are you going to do when they grow up, they will leave you eventually..." Gasp, I know but I so don't want to think about that right now, lol. But I know they are in good hands and loving their special time with their nana!

Any hoo, this is the mini I mention earlier in the week, close up below. I lifted myself from a previous dare layout I did. It is okay to repeat things that you like in the creative process. I believe that totally, you have to inspire yourself too in all this...right?! I don't think I will ever get tired of using my Heidi Swapp stamps,all photos in this mini are of Saadiq and Synai that are just random shots I took when they were young. I am just piecing each hand made page together and I will go back and add the journaling last. The later part of the mini will have more current photos in it of them as well. Lots of Sassafras, I love their product and think it is perfect for kids' projects, Hambly, American Crafts and Jenni Bowlin.
baby photos mini close up

Things have been a little out of sorts in the DMV because the fatal metro accident on Monday. My sister rides the metro daily and thank God she was not on the section of the red line that crashed. We live off of the green line, but during her daily commute she does have to transfer for a bit to the red line but it is in the city close to her destination and the accident happen in the Maryland. It is so easy to take for granted the normal daily grind of things,these people were just going along with their commute when this happened, so sad. I do believe we have a good public transportation system, one of the biggest in the nation,but hopefully this will be a learning experience for wmata to upgrade and make the system even better to keep people safe. We use it often especially during events when it is torture to park downtown. My heart hurts for the loved ones lost....


  1. that is sad, I am glad your sister is ok.
    And I am loving that mini!! Can't wait to see more, girl!
    Have a good weekend! (today is my friday, leaving tonight for SISiversary) :D

  2. I freaked out a bit when I heard about the crash - so many of you girls live up there!

    And it's a GREAT thing that your kids can spend time with their nana, I (unfortunately) grew up 10 hours away from my grandparents and missed out on that whole experience. And they'll be home soon!

  3. that mini looks great, Vee!

    I was in DC last summer, and took my oldest girlie to Union Station. We both thought it would be so cool to live somewhere where you have the option of commuting to work via train/subway/mass transit. Unfortunately, we live in the boonies and must drive everywhere ourselves. (though I really wouldn't trade my little town for a big city, to be honest -- I just want a light rail system or something like that to connect the entire end of the state. *lol*)

  4. you go girl! I love those layouts!!!!!

  5. wow that was a horrible crash - glad your family is safe & praying for those who were involved.

    Love your layouts

  6. Glad you guys are ok!! Love your mini!

  7. you crank out the goodness like no other! send me some good juju ;) please? hehe.

  8. I AM LATE .. BUT ..

    I am so so so glad you guys are alright whew .. and love your work girl .. always have and will ..



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