pretty much.

love a good sale

The second highlight of the weekend was hitting up two Anthropologies for the summer sale. It was a gorgeous day yesterday so my sister and I hit up Georgetown where the cupcakes at Georgetown Cupcake were less than stellar but it did not damper our day. :) I love sales and if you know me, you know that I rarely pay full price for anything recession or not, I love a good bargain. So I was so happy to see some of my favorite items on sale at the cute number teacups and other home items I adore. Plus I finally finished up a gift card and picked up the new catolog which is sweet!!!!!!!

Also started watching RHW:New Jersey, these woman are a trip, is it bad that I like Danielle. I tihnk the others are giving her a hard time because she is an outsider.

This is the last week of school, s2 can't wait and I can't believe I will have a third grader and kindergartner come August! I scrapped a little this morning, but want to start on a new mini, not sure about what....
happy monday! xo


  1. Anonymous7:13 AM

    are you pregnant? did i somehow miss that? robin

  2. haha, I first thought that said you would have a third, as in third child, then I remembered S1 will be in THIRD grade! LOL... :)

  3. anthro + RHW:NJ = happy me.

  4. I haven't seen NJ yet... I gotta get on that. Glad you had a good weekend, shopping always makes it good ;)

  5. I love that store. Unfortunately there isn't one close by. Maybe I will see if they have any smoking online sales...


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