right now.

I had a really nice relaxing weekend. My sister and I went down to Solomon's Island on Saturday....such a gorgeous place off of the Patuxent River in Southern Maryland. We just walked around, talked, relaxed by the water and I snapped some photos. It was really nice and looking forward to exploring more this summer.

On Friday I went to GASC in Chantilly and found some really good scrapbook deals. I will have a post of it later at the Master's blog (eta: post is here). I love finding deals especially on scrap supplies! I couldn't help but take a picture of this fabulous fabric even though I rarely use what I have in my collection so I kept it moving.... Hopefully I can scrap tonight, didn't do anything with the goodies I found at the show.

fibers from above

Let's see...didn't look at TrueBlood last night because the BET Awards went over but I plan to get on that tonight! The awards show, took me back....BBD, Guy, the OJays!!! I loved it, my sister and me were dancing so hard and singing to the top of our longs...good times. :) Tyrese and TreSonzs had some extra swagger, love them men and yeah Johnny too but they did a great job in tribute to the OJays.

My babies are coming back today, so excited! Also excited for a four day work week and a trip to South Carolina to see our family. Our garden is growing!! It is so cute, not sure one of the squash plants is going to make it....crossing fingers. I need to take a picture, the hot weather last week was really good for it!

Off to listen to some MJ, have a good one! xo


  1. Beautiful flower picture!

  2. They took me back to with Keith Sweet, BBD and Guy! Brought back great memories for me, too.

  3. hey girl...so what lense did you use to take the pic of bee and flower! awesome pic!

  4. I forgot about GASC in Chantilly, kicking myself. Why didn't you remind me?! Like that's all you have to do, keep me in line, ha!

  5. after what seemed like a long dryspell of creativeness, i had a thought today... like OMG I need to get home and make something. i didn't, but it's start, right ma? lol.

  6. Solomon's Island is where my sister used to live... we have been there tons of times!! :) I hated that bridge going over though... !


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