total lol.

This movie was totally worth the $5.00 I paid to see it, heck I would have payed full price!
Never laughed so hard in my life and the ending totally priceless and clever.
omg, the predicaments and me oh my Bradley Cooper!! He totally wears black you hear me, oh and Allen (total lunchbox)!!! lol...go see it if you not easily offended and want a good stomach hurts, can't breathe type of laughter!! Everyone in the theater was rolling!!! The soundtrack is great as well!
good times....

ps.why was a three yr. in this movie this morning, totally inappropriate! The movie really could have been rated NC-17, craziness! I don't think I would let my thirteen yr see this movie and i don't even have one yet! I don't understand....


  1. ok, i've been wanting to see this, and now after your rave review, i'm gonna call my girls, round em up and get my pee on LOL

  2. omg, funniest movie I've seen in a long time!!!


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