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this is what is up:
-spent almost an hour in Lowes yesterday, getting more and more like my mother...lol

-asked the check out lady if they had any vegetable slips on the shelf and she looked at me like I had a second head and idiot stamped across my forward, so I say" excuse me, vegetable plants, guess I was speaking country for a moment...humph." I know them as slips...they did have them and I came home with another vegetable to add to our garden: zucchini.

-researching some new grilling recipes for a cookout I am planning next month, please share your favorites that your guest always love. I love new recipes! I am thinking about grilling some pizzas, want it to be laid back and fun but with some other core dishes too.

-currently reading unaccustomed earth and really loving it. I started it while on vacation and half way finished, really makes you think about relationships, people, love and family bonds.

-these are my colors at the moment in wardrobe, creating and life: teal, yellow, white and grey

-can't wait to see Transformers 2 next week!

-have some BIG time pruning in my yard to do over the weekend, sometimes the upkeep of a home is daunting but rewarding at the same time.

-introduced an allowance to s2 this morning...see how it turns out, thinking about making a chore chart.

-s1 needs braces in December...he already knows the color he wants, lol.

-for the summer I made a pledge to myself to be home every Friday early so we can have family night and have a meal together. So far so good and this week it will be game night! :)

I will have a new jack to share tomorrow, xo.


  1. What a fun post. And I just love the pictures you posted. So inspiring and relaxing!

  2. Vee, Your work is just too cool!!!

  3. Transformers 2 looks like it is going to be good. We have watched alot of movies lately. I still don't know what I think about Revolutionary Road. lol
    Hope you take pics of game night! :D
    Happy Hump Day tomorrow!

  4. I love Weber's Real grilling book full of grill recipes! Have a great weekend! I missed stopping in on you!


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