get messy!

dare 143
dare 143 is up and I couldn't be more paint/ink happy. The dares are getting messy and lovin' it. The last two days at work have been a beast! So I haven't photographed the rest of my MMM entry will post it when I get back into town. Thank you for the sweet comments, the magazine will be missed for sure!

Currently on the hunt at photo booth locator, to find one in Orlando...I want photo booth pictures damn it. I have the worse luck here, they are always out of order....sorry tirade over, lol. My sister always laughs at me because I get so siked when I see one then bam it doesn't work!

If I didn't have a 1,000,001 things to do this weekend, I would so do this instead: Go Urban Adventures, think Amazing Race in DC, used to love that show! For sure on the list for next year!

Some people asked and the registration for my next delight workshop starts 8/10 with class starting the August 17th.

Well that is all I have and I hope you have a great weekend!


  1. Gorgeous LO! love all the messy/inky stuff!

  2. tara pollard pakosta1:50 PM

    hey there! love the layout! do you have any tutorials or posts explaining the spray inK! I know nothing about it, but I LOVE how it looks!!! your layouts are fabulous!

  3. tara pollard pakosta1:52 PM

    p.s. can you email me with the registration information for your next class!?>?! thanks!

    tara pollard pakosta

  4. i want to know about the spray ink a spray ink virgin!!!! Devirg me V! lmao!!

    and i love photobooth pics too!! Ther also has to be a way to do that on your computer right?

  5. can you email me registration info too? I don't understand the dates, since the 17th is already passed???

    thanks so much!!!
    julie ann shahin

  6. Love, love, love. You are my #1 inspiration.


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