things i love thursdays 7.9
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Have lots of stuff on my mind today, almost all of it is good stuff! It is so hot today, DC summer is in full effect today...temps are in the 90's but feels way hotter due to the index. Currently I am:

-putting together a concept for the next workshop
-excited about the delight workshop that starts Monday, thank you to everyone who signed up!
-going to birthday celebration parties this weekend
- feeling super creative but no time to create therefore making my jack late, will post it tomorrow.
-really blessed to have a job
-thinking about crafty home projects.
-excited that my orlando trip is 11 days away
-daydreaming a little too much at work, lol
-still laughing at the thought of Lafayette on the last episode of True Blood!
-thinking my AA airmiles are only good for magazine subscriptions but I will take that!
- in love with the quote in the mosaic above....


  1. wow, Vee--check out the front of my BOOK OF ME mini album i'm working on {a work in progress}--i love that quote too!!!

  2. Oooh - lovely mosaic. Inspiring and oozing summer! It makes me want a smoothie. he he. :)

  3. i can't wait for the orlando trip either! we have much "tru blood" to discuss and some major catching up to do! all the photos in your mosaic make me want to live in a muted lovely world like that!


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