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I love photography in all forms because of it's ability to capture a moment in time forever. This post is strictly what works for me and by no means do I think I am a professional....that's my disclaimer, lol. When I first decided to take the plunge and purchase a SLR, the blogging/internet world was very helpful and I want to keep the cycle going....

What type of camera do you have?
I have a Canon Rebel XT. It is a dinosaur compared to the newer versions (Canon has upgraded twice since I purchased mine) but I love my camera! It is a 8 Megapixel, not as high as the current version of the cameras on the market but still an awesome camera. It is also a great camera to get your feet wet to learn about SLR cameras. I think it is very important to have great lens and exposure knowledge...the camera alone doesn't always produce great pictures.

What is your favorite lens?
I would have to say my 50mm 1.8 (my 85 is a close second). It is a great lens and you cannot beat the price for the quality of this lens. Technically it is a portrait lens but it can be a great everyday lens as well. I also love that the lens is small and does not make my purse heavy when I am out taking photos in the city or while on vacation. It has a large (1.8) aperture, which means it performs great in low light and produces great bokeh. For example this photo was taken with the 50mm:

a commute must

What lenses are in your bag?
50mm 1.8
85mm 1.8
Tamron 70-300mm Di telephoto zoom
on my wish list is a wide angle zoom lens :)

What lens would be good for capturing my children while playing sports?
That is a great question! I will be faced with that exact scenario this fall when S2 start football and cheer. I have mostly portrait lens... experiment, that is the best way to find out what ISO you need to be at to accurately capture the sport. Also get close, vary your levels of angles and take lots of photos! Another option is to use your sports setting on your camera. It takes the guess work out of finding the right setting.

What tips do have for self-portraits?
If you have seen my flickr stream you know I do take them, :). I do think it is very important to document you and scrapbook these photos of you including your thoughts, dreams, likes, etc... This is what works for me:

-I find that taking lots of photos is a must (not just with sp's)! To get one or two photos you actually like you must take at least twenty, sometimes more. But the joy of digital is that you can easily delete the ones you find not up to par!

-A remote can be your best friend. It really makes the process a lot easier and more fun! You can experiment easily in different locations, poses and you learn what works best for you when taking self portraits.

-Reflective (mirror) posing is great too, bathrooms are well lit. I also like dressing rooms, full length mirrors in stores, glass doors in shops, etc....

-Use a tripod. I have a joby gorillapod and I love it. It is not big, travels well, very flexible and more importantly it works for me!

-Watch your light source, experiment with sun flares, keep the "imperfect" ones too because those are sometimes the most beloved ones for your family and just have fun capturing you!

have a beautiful day, tgif~

Do you shoot in manual?
No, I don't.... for me working in AV mode works best for me and still gives me the opp. to creatively decide how I want the photo to turn out. I keep my camera in AV mode always and adjust the ISO and apertures to my liking and just shoot away!

How do you decide on what to take photos of when you are taking photos?
I love to take photos of anything that I find "beautiful". I really try not to over think when I am taking photos, especially of people. I love to get emotions and expressions in the "moment". I am also inspired by flickr, friends and tumblr all;both push me to think outside the box when composing a photo.

I hope this was helpful...I had fun doing it! This week or next I will post a tutorial of my paint/spray ink technique that I use on projects.

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  1. ooh great tips!!!! love those. i'm getting a new canon soon - and i'm stuck whether to go for a normal camera or a SLR, i'll see what happens!!!

  2. yay!!! That is so awesome! I sooo want to get a bigger camera (I have a little point and shoot)...but, I am too scared I won't know where to even start learning how to work it. lol
    And I can't wait to see your tutorial on the masking next week. I want to get better at that.
    Thanks so much for taking the time to share your knowledge and inspiration.

  3. i loved reading all of that!!! can't wait to see all the new 'stuff' going on at the dares!! (-:

  4. Hi Vee...thanks for the tips. I'm wondering if anyone other than myself has been having a problem opening your blog lately. Every time I open your blog the past few weeks it shuts down my internet explorer and then opens fine on the 2nd or 3rd try. It may be an issue on my end (although it only happen when opening your blog) Thought I'd let you know in case there is an issue with your blog you weren't aware of. Thanks again for the photograpy tips.

  5. DAG GIRL .. that a great post and full of info I needed lol

    hugs and I guess I need to update my flikr

  6. perfect timing, as always Vee! i am soooo ready for a "real" camera but have no idea where to start. you know I'll be back with questions! xo, j

  7. oh how I would love to upgrade my xit but the xt series are really nice for those who don't have thousands of dollars to spend on camera equipment.

  8. Hey Vee-

    I was excited to see this post here. I have a job at now and have learned a ton about different cameras and lenses. Are you interested in a wide angle lens that's fish eye or not? The Canon EFS 10-22 might be what you are looking for if you want a non fish eye. Fish eye's are great fun to play with but may not be something you want to purchase. Hit me up and I'll get you a discount on renting something before you buy. Lots of love!

  9. Heehee -- I have a "dinosaur" too. And I love it, especially since I've been trying to re-learn manual. :)

  10. ngriffin11:32 PM

    thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and experience! Very helpful!!! Love your blog and work-- thank you for being so giving!


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