this is for my tweeps...

:) Happy Friday.... new dare is up! Twitter is hotter than a pot of hot grits right about now. You can easily make a page just from your game,????
see how the girls rocked it-- here
dare 142
The weather is simply sublime here in the DMV, I can' t wait to enjoy it this weekend. I have some plans for the fam, hopefully they will be down for a trek into the city to see the monuments at night. I haven't done that before and it is so cool to see the memorials lit up at night! Hopefully I can take some cool shots as well and not be to put off by the tourist or the real worlders gallivanting around...they have caused quite a stir, the real world cast not tourist, lol.

Also heading to the Amish farmers market for some fresh eggs, vegetables and other home grown/made goodies. I truly believe in supporting local farmers! Speaking of home grown vegetables, our garden is doing well, I saw some buds on the pepper plants this morning...eek getting excited! :)
Have a great weekend!
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  1. loved seeing your twit-dare this morning! (always look forward to that.) i'm off to buy some locally grown corn on the cob. yum, summer. (and okay, i'm totally curious about the real world cast...such a sucker.) ;)

  2. Love the page and the inspiration behind it!

  3. The real world-ers are here? That's cool! Have fun downtown. I'll try to email you but Monday sounds good! You've got the right Chipotle!

  4. Love this dare! I definitely plan on playing along!

  5. we have some little tomato buds popping off. so cute! love the twitter page, LO and idea!

  6. mmmm mmm mm farmers markets are good stuff.

    that layout is good stuff too - I ended up neglecting my twitter pretty badly but I'm thinking I could easily do something for this with my facebook updates!

  7. OMG.
    scrap your friggen tweet!
    love this idea.

    i wanna do. but mine would be more scrap your fb.

    coolness. girl you are pure coolness. why do you have to live so far away v?

  8. Vee, this layout is awesome! I love the colors.


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