we are growing things.

garden update
This is our garden now, it is growing so much! I hope we will have some veggies coming in really soon! I took this picture Sunday and it has actually grown more! My dream for our fall garden is lots of lettuce, onions and other salad friendly goodness.

Things are starting to pick up, Saadiq starts football camp next week! I can't believe it and must admit I am still in a bit of denial but he is so excited! I am really trying to put my fears on the shelf. Before I know it they will both be back in school at the end of August. I remember as a kid it seemed like summer went on forever...now it moves at warp speed. I can't believe my baby will be in kindergarten, it seems like yesterday she was a baby. It makes me try to really soak up all of their sayings, thoughts, smell, likes/dislikes, voices because it is all is changing so quickly....okay this post really made a sharp left and down to sapville, lol, sorry about that!

*Today I am also yearning for a day at the beach....


  1. come to cali for a day at the beach!

  2. I am sooo with you about a day at the beach.


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