Yes, we have some jalapeno peppers coming in! Never mind the plant, yes it looks a little ragged but I am ecstatic that peppers are growing, they weren't there on Sunday, went out to water the garden this morning and look what was there!! Now if only the squirrels, rabbits, not sure what,will stop eating my zucchini blooms! Tomato plant is in bloom no sign of said tomatoes yet however!
enjoying my workshop.
I am really enjoying teaching my delight workshop this week! Here is a little sneak at what we are doing this week! I love ink and the girls in the class are awesome! Some people ask if I was offering this class again and the answer is yes. :) I will offer it again August 17th sounds good?

Forgot to comment on trueblood... it was awesome as always! I can't believe Bill's maker is back and Lafayette was back to his fine self! I really love Jessica, she cracks me up and Tara just keeps getting suck in deeper and deeper with miss thang Maryanne. I am wondering how long Sookie, Bill, Eric and Jessica will be in Houston? I think that twist is brilliant! Dare I say that Eric is my new vamp crush...sorry
happy hump day!


  1. Oh I think I can totally DO August 17th for the workshop. Yay! School starts on the 19th but I will only have 1 class and nothing gets done the 1st week anyway. LOL!! When is registration? :)

    My tomato plants are struggling this year too, we have 2 teeny tiny green tomatoes, but nothing ready to pick yet. We also planted peppers, but no sign of them yet. Boo!

  2. I sooo wish I had HBO so I could watch Trueblood. And cool about offering the class again. I wanna takeee. :D

  3. Hey something keeps eating my zucchini blossoms too! The kids get so mad in the mornings when they find more snapped off. Hope you have a super rest of the week and weekend!

  4. Anonymous11:54 AM

    I have read that marigold's may stop the animals from eating your garden. They don't like the smell. No guarantees though!! LOL.



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