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day at the beach

The beach was just the refresher we needed to put a skip back into our step. I love it when Mondays feel new,fresh and energized!
How about you? How was your weekend? What did you do?
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true blood: Eric had me almost in tears this week, love him! Lafayette was no joke for real, double yum! Maryann is a bad b*! This show is the best for real and only three episodes left....double boo!


  1. I hear you on a well rested weekend. It makes Monday even better as you return to the routine. Ok, I love the return to the routine, too!

  2. gorgeous layout below and I love the beach pic. I am NOT refreshed and re-energized for today! lol
    I could have slept WAY in this morning. :P

  3. oh i love this summer photo...definitely brightens up the beginning of the working week!

  4. I love that photo too. I wish our beach was that warm.

  5. glad you had a lovely weekend! great photo!

  6. I love true blood too!!! :)

  7. love that beach picture!!
    I'm super bummed Vee, I can't find any paints or glimmer mist here in Mexico!! I'll have to print out the directions and do the projects in a couple weeks when I get back to the States.

  8. Wonderful photo.....
    I finally broke down and picked up the TB for my ipod! I can't believe I waited so long....:)


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