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dare 145 is on a poppin'....check us out here! I am in LOVE with Maxwell, always have been and his newest release is a total eargasm for sure! He sings like an angel, have him on constant repeat.

Thank you to everyone who registered for my class, registration will stay open until Sunday! :) Also wanted to say thank you for all of the congrats on me joining the Cocoa Daisy team! I am so excited to be there with Tricia and the daisy divas.

It has been a really busy Friday and we are off to a day at the beach tomorrow! I can't wait and it is so hot here! It will be nice to be able to sit on the beach and feel the ocean breeze.

The winner for the punch is:

Anonymous Tiffany Moyer said...

Wow! I've been trying to get my hands on this EXACT border punch 4EVER! Thanks 4 the chance to win...

7:53 PM

Have a great weekend! xo


  1. love your dareness as always, AND a huge congrats on cocoa daisy! have fun at the beach. :)

  2. congrats on the CD! whoooooooot!

    love me some Maxwell.......oh girl Whenever, wherever, whatever....baaaaaaby. love that song. your layotu just took me back to 1996 gurl. omg.

  3. congrats on cocoa daisy! you will LOVE it there!!! I was there from the beginning and Tricia is a dolL! and so nice as can be! you are an awesome addition to the team! tara

  4. Congrats on joining the team!! I know you'll rock out those kits!

    Love the layout!

  5. Amazing page! Big congrats again on cocoa daisy! Had fun friday, and I have one or two photos of our kids looking at turtles. :) Too hot for photos of divas I thought. LOL

  6. you're a star :)...

  7. eargasm, lol you are so funny! Congrat's on Cocoa Daisy!!

  8. congrats on cocoa daisy. and maxwell is amazing.

  9. Maxwell--HahYooooge. LOVE him. The layout is awesome, Vee. COngrats on Cocoa Daisy!! :)


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