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a football player
okay...trying not to get too emotional but in summation last week we as in Saadiq and Synai finished their first week of competitive sports training. The verdict...they love it! I hope they continue to have the love and passion for their respective sports as they do now.

We enjoy watching them everyday, Synai is super cute learning the cheers and fundamentals. I can't wait to see her in her uniform and I know I will have some pics with her in a cheer pose cute!

On Friday Saadiq had his first practice where they almost had all their gear on minus pads. I arrived at practice with his team hitting the bag with their coaches. I watched my son hit the bag perfectly and then go on to do it several more times per the request of his coach because he was doing it correctly. I was so proud of him, because I want him to be a leader not just in sports but in life. After he did the drill the second time completely and came into my view doing some agility foot work, that is when I lost eyes filled with tears. I couldn't believe how confident, sure, agile, swift and big he looked at that moment. was a good feeling but it was such a shock! I didn't expect to be quite so moved, I didn't cry when he went to kindergarten but playing football brings me to

He loves football just as much as I do and really wanted to do a few years ago. I am so happy I put away my fears to let him have an opportunity to make his dreams more of a reality. I never felt more than in that moment how precious these times as children really are...they do not stay this way forever.

I took a picture with my camera phone so that I can always remember, can't wait to put it to paper


  1. i can relate to that! :) my daughter signed up for a softball team and i was so happy that she was able to blend in and build up her confidence, albeit gradually :)

    oh, and seeing her in uniform? priceless! i must've taken thousands of photos! LOL!

    Congrats to Saadiq and Synai!

  2. super cool! i am a football superfan (i grew up in a very football and sports oriented household) exciting-- hope he has as much fun playing as you do being a spectator! and team sports seriously (playing and watching) impact my life in so many ways-- staying healthy, playing well with others, feeling that indescribable high of winning...or at least trying as. hard. as. you. possibly. can. it's so rewarding. i'm rooting for both of them all the way over on the left coast!

  3. I felt the same way last year when my son, who had only played soccer wanted to play football. I thought for sure that he would hate it and end up crying each time he got tackled. He isn't a very competitive or agressive kid to start. But he loved it! He is even playing again this year because he loved it!

  4. Oh he is so cute! My kids haven't ventured into sports yet but I know it is just around the corner;) Can't wait to see what you do with the pic and some paper!!


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