lists...what's that about?

life list
I made this layout from the BOM (book of me) prompts on the board at cocoa daisy, I love prompts because it take the fuss over a topic to scrap about away. The prompt I worked with was "life list"; I am typically not a list person,totally fly by the seat of my pants kind of gal! For me whatever happens in life happens, but it was nice to put some of the thoughts onto paper.
Although the way my brain is working lately maybe I should take a look at making lists, lol. My mom was joking me the other day about not being able to remember stuff!

I am really excited about crafting, fall,fall fairs, sharing and to new things happening period. It is crazy that I am already thinking about the holidays? I can not believe we are almost about to start another month! xo
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  1. Beautiful layout Vee. I'm definitely a list maker. I can't remember anything without them. I'm also a post-it note addict. ;)

  2. THAT IS A GORGEOUS LAYOUT!!!! Did you send your app in for the Tattered Angels DT call?
    You totally should!

  3. such an incredible layout!

  4. Thanks so much! I was visiting your blog last week with the help of Céline who was saying she was inspired by you... and I was inspired I was truly inspired at the same time by both of you! Enjoy your end of the week!


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