paint, adhesive and lots of photos= contentment

half way thru the work week and I couldn't be happier!
glued, painted and inked the morning away= creative contentment
laughed so hard with my sister last night at Flipping Out, oh that Jeff Lewis cracks me up.

looking forward to saadiq's first scrimmage tomorrow and hoping that it doesn't get rained out.
started on the next mini workshop, details coming soon and a peek in the photo below:


inspiration journal

more inspiration journal
more photos of my inspiration journal... to say that I love photo collages is an understatement, my home has them everywhere. I love groupings and will do a post about it in the future. Every time I see them in catalogs I rip it out and stick it here, so inspiring to me. The one above is my all time favorite! :) I love watching movies, especially ones that center around a home, love set design. Two od of my all time favorite apartments is Kat's in The Wedding Date and of course Carrie's apartment in Sex and The City: The Movie.
I love how movies, tv, print and the internet are all sources of great inspiration in life.


  1. this looks awesome.. i need to do one of these, my ode to pottery barn.

  2. I soo need to start an inspiration book like that!!! I would love that! I could just see myself now...sitting at the dentist's office, ripping out pages from THEIR magazines! hahaha
    girl, I just have to say ONE MORE TIME...that your class this week ROX MY SOX!!! sERIOUSLY!!! I have been telling everyone and anyone..that would listen (lol), to take your class if you offer it again! :D

  3. I was looking at this on Flickr a little bit this morning. LOVE!

  4. What an awesome little project! Love it!

  5. yes! Carrie's apartment in Sex & the City the Movie...omg! fantastic!

    i'm almost wishing that i was taking that class again along with the other! Can't wait to see what you have cooking for the next one...the sneak looks great!

    Happy Wednesday!

  6. Great projects!

    I received the ATC in the mail and it's even more adorable in real life...thanx so much for sending it to me!!

    I'm really enjoying your current class and can't wait to see what you have planned for the next class.

    Good luck to Saadiq on his scrimmage!

  7. Nitasha12:08 PM

    Fabulous! You're amazing Vee, and such an inspiration! Thanks for sharing and inspiring so many others!

  8. yummy inspiration!

  9. Oooh, another class? YAY!


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