green thumb...maybe :)

Things are looking up and growing. :) We finally have some what....tomatoes!!! The tomato plant has grown so big I had to tie it to a stake. It has about 10 little tomatoes on it right now, so excited! Just a few weeks ago our garden looked like....this! The bell peppers are growing at a slower rate but look...some buds are starting to peek out. They grow in clusters and this plant it loaded with them!

My mom has a green thumb when it comes to gardening...take a look. :)Her tomato plants are taller than I am! lol
mom's garden
Promise to have a more crafty post tomorrow! :)
eta: I am losing the battle with the beetles too Jude, my zucchini's blossoms keep getting chopped off! :(


  1. yehaw!! We had fresh tomatoes last night too! I ended up losing my squash and zucchini to beetles :(

    how are yours?

  2. so wish I had a garden this summer-your pictures are lovely.

  3. We have tomatoes too!! Our attempts last year were horrible, but there are so many on the two plants that we have this year! I'm happy for you! :)

  4. Wow, you have a yard with soil and everything. What's that like? :) Thanks for the congrats on my blog today, so surreal. I'll have to email you soon, or I'm always up for guacamole, I don't need a reason-you know that.


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