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That is how I feel today, it is a total whee day because................ it's FRIDAY! This week has been a very busy work week and I looking forward to kicking back and getting some R&R.  Today is a relax post because of it, new dare went up earlier this afternoon.... confess something bad you did as a child. I have a few but the one that I remember involves my sister and me baking sugar cookies almost every day during summer vacation. Our mom couldn't figure out for the life of her what was happening to all of the baking supplies....we would run away or blame it on our daddy,as soon as she reached for the surgar, lol.  I forgot all about this one...( in first grade) I took an entire purse full of nail polish to school one day and preceded to paint my nails in class! What in the world was I thinking.....hahaha!

I am hoping to play with Ali's Favorite Things kit as well over the weekend.  It was so hard to keep the contents a secret because of the contest but I am in love with the stamp and journaling cards she designed! This kit goes on sale at Cocoa Daisy on September 3rd, this one is a popular one and will sell out fast! Subscribers are guaranteed a kit- discounts on subscriber rates ($2 off the 3 month price and $3 off the 6 month price) this month too!

It is supposed to rain almost all weekend but hoping to check out a graffiti exhibit and make some homemade pizzas and s'mores on the grill. I also need to watch Project Runway and almost  the entire second season of Gossip Girl. I think this all calls for a glass of wine, right?!
Cheers to a faboulous weeked!
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  1. How about this rain? I kinda like it this time, seems like it's been a while. Got my kit today too. Yippee! Friday!

  2. Sounds like you have a fun weekend ahead! Enjoy!



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