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l.a.m.b <3
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love all of the images of ny fashionweek coming out this week, especially the new l.a.m.b-love it! I always covet the shoes but I am really loving these pieces (tops),especially gwen's jacket. I always love her style! I really need to invest in a money tree, lol.

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true blood thoughts:
I was expecting a lot more, the season was action packed and just plain awesome... the finale not so much. I thought with all the build up, it was going to be a lot more exciting than it actually was. Also was stunned at Jessica, not my Jessica, totally shocked by that one, hoping her and Hoyt get back together and my gorgeous Eggs getting x'ed, the finale was a major downer! The only thing that has me a wee bit intrigued is what in the world happened to Bill?!

happy wednesday!


  1. Um...yeah about that money tree...when you find out where to get one can you let me know?:) Love that yellow shirt.

  2. I'll take a $$ tree too please :)

  3. i agree on the true blood note. total letdown. excet for lafayette. i need him as my cousin! lol!

  4. UM, when you find out about that money tree, i need to plant me one! lol

    Gwen rocks. I put on her last concert dvd while i clean house. love her. and there are some black leather sandal heels with a green straps that I would give my right hand for. yummo shoes.

    tb: im with you, i was a bit dissapointed. who took bill? and what is with jessica? sad for tara. and glad that horn devil woman is gone....sick of that story. Want more Eric. gimme more eric. yum. lol

  5. Totally agree! TB's season finale was blah... :(


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