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yesterday's remember moments giveaway winner!!
Charmaine said... Very cute cards!
12:51 PM

congrats Charmaine, please send me your details!  I had a lot of get stuff done energy this morning + I was bored with some of the displays in my home so I rearranged some items and hung new ones. I think I have changed this one here the most, but it is almost to where I want it.  I want to add more photos and frames to the drop zone behind Synai....

total type addiction

I moved this chalkboard from my creative space into the bathroom downstairs. It wasn't been used much in my area, now it will get used a lot! Saadiq and Synai love to write on their chalkboard so this is just another area to leave a message behind. I got it last year on clearance from Paper Source, now I am wishing I had another one, love pairs always!  Must admit that the light bulb went off with this one when I saw it on Tara's blog some months ago...
chalk happiness

Art work comes thru the door in droves not to mention all of the doodles in the house. I added to the art corner some of their most recent drawings. I can't wait to see their reaction when they come home, Synai made the elephant one this week at school. <3
a creative display for my kids artwork.

Since I was clearing out and and rearranging all over like a mad woman, here is a giveaway to brighten someone's day. These are some "vintage" Prima flowers, I haven't used them in a long time! You will have over 40 flowers. You can see another view of the flowers here...container not included. If you are interested in them, leave a comment and I post a winner tomorrow, sound good? :)
flowers to brighten up someone's day!

I love Thursdays and can't wait to watch some awesome tv tonight while I scrap. :) I am hoping that get stuff done energy carries over into tonight, wish me luck!


  1. One scrap woman's "trash" is another scrap woman's treasure.

  2. Vee, I am so with you on buying things in pairs...I buy just about everything in pairs or quads! I have an even number issue ;) Those petals sure are pretty...thank you for always sharing with us- and for sharing snapshots of your space- inspiration all around!

  3. those flowers are so pretty, haven't seen them before. love your rearranged space!

  4. What a lovely giveaway, they're so beautiful!

  5. I like your artcorner a lot :)

  6. Hi Vee. I really enjoy your blog. Thanks for the give away and the chance to win :)

  7. Happy Friday - and congrats on this week's catwalk @ SisTV!!!

    Love from NZ

  8. Here I am, late on a sleepless night, wandering the web and I come across your blog. How refreshing! And a giveaway, to boot :)
    Looking forward to more visits with you!

  9. you make me want to rearrange...and craft....with those flowers ;)
    But alas, my house is covered in plastic and sheetrock dust do gutting our kitchen. so no rearranging for me.
    but scrapping...
    that I can do, even surrounded by a mess! :D

  10. Moving the blackboard was a great idea! I would just love the flowers - they go so well with the way I play! thanks for the chance.


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