it's thursday...yay!

tv couples wish list

t's, couldn't be happier because that's right we are one day closer to Friday! Saadiq's team won their game last night! He was so excited last night and hoping for a win on Saturday as well, we are too because it is almost playoff time. :)

Yesterday jed put up the first list prompt for her book of lists group and I loved it of course and had to create my first page immediately! The pic is from my phone, sorry about the quality... this list is all about tv couples-"who aren't couples and that I wish would hurry up and be couples".  This is my kind of list because I am not a list writer at all but pretend, fun, tv list are right up my alley! :) My so should be a couple list consist of the following:

eric and sookie (true blood)
christina and burke (grey's anatomy...missed that character and they were so good together)
betty and daniel (ugly betty, which really has stepped up their game this season, very impressed)
serena and dan ( let's not talk about the fact that I am a 1.5 season behind)
olivia and stabler (svu)

As you can see I am still in love with my sewing machine and the list book is from jamaica's etsy We are an ambitious bunch we have about 150 topics to go thru, can't wait to fill this mini up with fun lists! :) If my lists were half as fun as this one was, I might have to reconsider making more lists irl!


  1. Oh, LOVE this first list!! I'll have to check that out, sounds like some fun there.

    And i've given you a blog award, and there's a list involved {snicker}-- come check it out! ;)

  2. loving that little album! and the way you used the sticker packaging is too cool!

  3. ooooooooo love the little album. very cool.

  4. You're page is so funky!

    We only just got True Blood here in the UK, i think we're on episode 4. i am a HUGE fan of the books and and finding the series quite strange in comparison! i have read 7 of the books so far & i am definately on Team Eric! Read the books, then you'll know wether they get together or not! ;)

  5. I already ordered my book of lists and can't wait to get started. . .love the stitching!


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