oh hello there friday.

rak winner for yesterdays post:
NiyahNicole said...
One scrap woman's "trash" is another scrap woman's treasure.

Send me your details girl and I will mail your goodies out today! ;) Happy Friday!!!
It is gorgeous here today, hot but gorgeous and I am so happy it is Friday! Tomorrow we will be taking a quick jaunt up to Philly for our great aunt's 100th birthday party. Yep that's right 100, the women on my father's side have  great longevity, my great grandmother lived to be 101, her sister 104 and my grandmother is in her 90's... all in the same lineage in fact it is her sister who we will be paryting it up with tomorrow! Well, not quite party-ing up because one it is in a church and two she is 100.... but we will be celebrating her life....pretty awesome I think. Only time will tell if we inherited any of their genes. I hope to be able to take some good photos, because I do not have any of them and I have such great memories of them all as a child.

I hate posting without photos, so here is one of Aiden after his bath and grooming this morning by moi. He is so frisky after a grooming,lol.  Sorry about the grain, took the pic with my phone. I had to make him all cute for his girlfriend my mommy, lol he totally loves her!
super spiffy

woot for a four day work next week! Have a great weekend!


  1. Wow!! Happy Birthday! And Aiden sure looks cute :-) Nothing like a freshly groomed schnauzer!

  2. I sooo need to learn how to groom my pup, a trip to the groomer stresses her out horribly! You did a great job on Aiden! He is a cutie! Hope you had a great time celebrating!

  3. i didn't know you had peoples in philly! hope you had a great time!


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