hello, chickas!! some quick shares on this very rainy tuesday, seriously feels like groundhog day here with the weather. Is it the weekend yet?... i know i know we are only two days into the week but I am already there!

I wrote a city guide about D.C on Get Together, if you want to learn more about the places I love and some DC flava you can read more....here. I love GT it is a amazing urban blog and it was my honor to be a guest blogger there!

guest blogger

Cocoa Daisy's Destination event in Mykonos, Greece 2010 registration will be open to the general public at midnight tonight CST.  Some info to remember: dates (9/20-9/26), a payment plan is avail., limited to just 75 participants and super talented instructors (Ali Edwards, Jenni Bowlin and Karen Russell).

This is  also a sneak peek at what the new website will look like for Cocoa Daisy too, we are super excited about it! More information about this fabulous event can be found here: destination greece.

Stephanie and I did a photo swap last month, this is the layout I made for her. She is so sweet and super patient! She was done way before me but I hope she likes it! It is fun scrapping someone else's pictures besides your own but I am not going to lie I was nervous!! I can't help it, guess it is the libra in me. ;)

ms. steph

next on the creative ticker: book of lists, november gdt, projects for fall cocoa daisy crop, project living room rearrange, new inspiration wire, dare 151...
who wants to come and help me?! xo


  1. yay for the guide! now that i live in philly, we are close to dc. i can't wait to visit soon. i especially want to go in the spring & see the blossoms! jessica

  2. super cool layout Vee! I'm lovin' all that paint. :)

  3. Of course I love it. How could I not? Thanks for indulging me!

  4. love Stephanie! great layout!

    us Libras need to stick together! I get nervous and over think everything!

  5. awww, what a cute layout vee! i love it!

  6. That page is gorgeous!!

    LOVE all the white on it.

  7. That is a sensational page and I love the look of the cocoa Daisy blog, are they going to update the color scheme of the forum too!! That would be sooooooo... Nice!


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