shades of our weekend...

hello november!!
I am really starting to get excited and full of holiday spirit! I have tomorrow off so while the kids are in school, I will be busy prepping the house for holiday cheer, i love this time of year! We had a fun weekend and I cooked a lot! The chicken meatballs were really yummy and a success! You do have to get passed the fact that you are eating ground chicken and not beef because the flavor is totally different, but they were delicious! I only had one nay, which by the picker eater of the house Synai. I will be making them again for sure!!

On Sunday I made vegetable soup and was so proud of it because the only thing that wasn't fresh from the gardens of my mom, uncles or my own was the corn which was frozen. I just threw in all the vegetables we love: okra, tomatoes, green beans, corn, fresh garlic, onions and at the end potatoes. I love soups but even more when it is rainy and cold outside like it was most of the weekend.

saturday dinner:chicken meatball

We made a trip to the bookstore for some new reads and I picked up The Sartoralist, it is totally fabulous. I love Scott's blog but don't always go there as often as I like -his photography is total eyecandy and the people are always super fly. It would make a great stocking stufffer or gift for yourself! It is a great way to get inspiration while on trips or waiting for appointments.

current read: the sartorialist

I was inspired this morning to create my december daily mini, maybe that is why I am feeling the holiday spirit?! :) I made it out of magazine pages, packaging sleeves, overlays and a Heidi Swapp playing card. The cover is the playing card ( painted and embellished) that I wrapped around my pages and then I sewed it together! I can't wait to start adding bits in it, it isn't very big. I decided to keep it small because for me I realized with this daily I am more inspired when there is less space to fill.  I will be posting pages from it everyday starting 12.01.
09.december daily

hope you have a great inspired day! I can't believe 2009 is almost done...where does the time go?! :)


  1. Vee your DD looks amazing! Can't wait to see it progress through December!

  2. It's never too soon to be thinking about Christmas! Can't wait to see what you do!

  3. That is fabulous!

    I can't believe 2009 is almost over, it's been a grand year though!
    Come visit


  4. ooooooooh! love it so much! it's looking so good already.

  5. I am loving the idea of a smaller dec daily. I was thinking of only using instant pics taken from my fuji instax camera so a smaller size is what I am going for this yr too :) Although I never finished last yrs ;)
    Yours looks awesome!

  6. Your daily is so awesome. I'm just a dec daily loser, I can't get it together. No one wants to see my pages about boxes and a uhaul anyhow right? I'm just trying to make myself feel better. How amazing is CD dec? Wowza!

  7. Your blog is beautiful.. the pictures are amazing and inspiring

  8. Totally love your free, messy and really creative style. Love how you use masks and sprays and paint in such interesting ways. Oh, and your sewing is just too cool.

  9. your mini is amazing.
    and time flies sooo quickly, it's unbelievable!

  10. your meatballs look delish! i can't wait to try them. i loooove your DD.


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