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every once in a while my tv routine deviates from its normal schedule of networks (e.g. mtv, abc, nbc, vh1,we, hbo,cw and cbs) and ventures into some less loved networks like sundance. I am in love, ok obsessed with man shops globe! Keith is a thrifing/history/buyer genius and he works for one of my favorites stores on earth-anthropologie! I love the way his mind works and how he can visualize items he is shopping for in a store. If the treasures he shopping for do not inspire you the locations of his shopping trips will: India, South Africa, France!
You can check out some bonus

*only three more months until lost, who's ready?!


  1. OOOOOOOOOOOOH how totally interesting! I'll have to check it! love anthro!


  2. sounds good! No anthropology or thrifting Keith here. And for LOST we'll have to wait longer untill it aires here in the Netherlands, so please, no spoilers ;-)


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