playing catch up.

I am a little behind on my daily, but was able to sneak a few pages here and there. This month has been really busy and fun so far, hopefully I can share what I have been up to soon! :) I was looking thru my previous december daily albums and I am really happy I made them. It was fun to to see where in the process I was shopping, decorating, mood and etc. Even though my style has changed over the years the memories are forever forged to paper and it felt good to know that I have them there for me and my family.
day four:
december daily|4.
Putting up the Christmas tree, Saadiq and Synai were so excited to do this and it had to be finished before they went to bed, :). Now I have to wrap some of their gifts to put under the tree! I stamped and embossed the christmas trees but they didn't come out perfect...just rolled with it and stamped some circles that had the same effect. The sewing is from the previous page.

day 5:
december daily|5.
I added some of the new Studio Calico Homefront paper to an atc and sprinkled my christmas playlist and paint to the pages. I love christmas music listed are some of my favorite songs:
santa claus go straight to the ghetto- james brown
the christmas song- nat king cole
silent night-the temptations
this christmas- donnie hathaway
rockin' around the christmas tree-brenda lee
silver bells

yesterday's giveaway winner:
sylv said...

Cute notebooks!! I'm off to check out her store and blog.
10:38 AM

congrats sylv, please send me your details! We are excited to watch disney's new  christmas cartoon tonight, prep&landing! I love holiday catoons, some how we missed rudolph :(!  Tomorrow is  my company's holiday party, so no post tomorrow but I will have a DIY to share on Thursday!


  1. I love your December daily mini. So creative. So pretty!


  3. great pages!!!

  4. so cute Vee!! Oh, I almost texted you during hoarders... TWO YEARS of dirty adult diapers... sick! (she ended up in an assisted living place, and the house was sold at a fraction of the value, leaving her with only $68 a month after her expenses.)

  5. WOW, thanx for the win Vee!!

    Luv your December Daily! I also love the idea of adding the song titles (those are my fav Christmas songs as well). The paper with the bird cages, is that Hambly?


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