eh monday!

hello, hello, hope you had a wonderful weekend! This weekend was a totally blur,a happy one but a blur. We drove down to Richmond on Saturday to have dinner with our mommy. She is so much fun and we had the best time giggling, talking + the food was great...bonus.  Sunday, pretty much lounged around, watch tv, played and did very little else, yep that means my christmas decorations are still up. My promise to myself is to take one thing down a day so it is a little less painful. Check back with me on Friday to see how it went, lol.

I am looking foward to the following this week:
-season 7 of project runway premieres on Thurs and it is in NYC again, praise the lord!
-long holiday weekend and celebration of MLK
-warmer weather is finally going to make the dmv not feel like the artic, small victories ( temps in the 50's)
-working with the feb. cocoa daisy kit and posting some sneaks
-putting clothes together for cali trip

december daily| 20.

Another page in my dec. daily, slowly but surely it is nearing completion!
journaling reads: time is moving on but the memories are what we have mixed with paper.

xo, have a wonderful day and blissful week!


  1. Your December journal is just gorgeous!!

    Glad I'm not the only one behind...I'm still working on mine, too. :)

  2. dear dec 20: hell yes. you might be my fave thus far.

  3. Super fab December journal! I can't WAIT for PR to be back! I have to wait a day to see it, though, because I watch it online. It's like torture trying to avoid all the commentary for a full day! LOL!

  4. lovely. makes me want to make something

  5. That turquoise + pink is gorgeous!

    i nominated you for a blog award, you can see the details on my blog!

  6. Anonymous10:01 PM

    Dont write eh monday its my friends name


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