LA in photos

Happy Thursday! I fall in love with California more and more everytime I visit...except for the time change! I am still trying to get back on east coast time but feeling less alien like today, lol.  I really had a fantastic time and it was totally what I needed to recharge my soul and mind.

drinks in the lounge

jen in photo booth bliss
Jen in  photo booth blissdom, we spent a lot of time taking strips of love and fun! I srsly. wish I could have one in my house, sigh....

love this

Our hotel rocked, cool things to photo at every turn, not to mention their marketing is pretty much the coolest I've seen in a while.

We were only at the show on Sunday and I didn't get to see a lot of you but hopefully we will meet up in Chicago! Liz was the sweetest ever and we had our girl Tina in the mix for a bit, yay!! Always fun to chat with Allison and finally meeting Julie, she is such a doll!


On Monday we had to say goodbye to Jen :( then Jamaica and I headed to Santa Monica. Of course we hit up Anthropologie but also went to Urth Caffe, which was everything I thought it would be! It was on my list of things to do while in CA, food there is delish
IMG_5063chicken curry
lattes almost too pretty to drink....

urth caffe latte

but I did...yum!

Now back to reality and getting thru the rest of winter. We are expecting snow this weekend and my dvr is overflowing with shows to catch up on! I am also itching to create...maybe a mini or two!


  1. Awesome pictures, Vee! So sad I missed seeing you on Sunday. Glad you had so much fun!!!

  2. love all the photos vee...and you can't beat good times at the photobooth!! haha! and is that your cowl from jen you're wearing??

  3. Oh Vee..thanks for sharing these awesome pics with us...I just adored them all!!!

    Looks like you ladies had a Fabulous Time!!!

    Stay warm this weekend and yes create!!!!

  4. I have a new dvr, rats! I guess I'll have to scrap the snow away! I think LA would have been just what I needed too :) Did you have the best time? My b-day is 2-1, depending on the snow we might have to celebrate late, want to hear all about CHA asap!

  5. wow! awesome shots and looks like everyone is having a great time. i LOVE san diego. stay warm!

  6. Those photo booth pictures are such a treasure! The only booths we have here replicate the same picture 4 times so we can use them for passport/driving license etc. SO boring! All your photos are so well shot, you have such a talent! Looks like you had fun. I am super jealous I'd love to go to CHA.

  7. Please say you'll be at CHA in the summer! I want to meet you badly :)

    Glad you had a good time!

  8. Great pics!!!!!!!!!

  9. I love your travel are so good at making me feel like I'm right there with you! I WISH I had been!!! Hope the snow is as pretty up there as it is down here.
    Happy weekend, xoxo Sara

  10. Love the photos! I also love your beautiful nail polish in the latte sipping pic... Looks like you had a great time!!

  11. it was short, but i'm so glad we met in person. you are fabulous. i admired you more than once, just so you know. ;) heh. <3


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