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Patent Crocodile Carry On Bag, $35M·A·C Plushglass - Gloss - Bloomingdales.com, $18 IPOD Touch, The Sartorlist,$15

happy friday!! We awoke this morning to a  bit of snow that closed the schools in my county, for about two inches of snow. lol, snow days are the best but that didn't apply to mommy! But it didn't put a damper on my day because its FRIDAYYYY! :)

I am getting all my ducks in a row for my trip out to LA in two weeks. I love to travel especially by plane! I love to people  watch, chill while waiting for the plane and the swiftness of air travel. I am a light traveler even with kids I do not like to carry a lot of bags, on our summer vacations we carry one main luggage and the children have their on little bags for toys that they carry and are responsible for.  But when I travel I like to travel light and with only a carry on and a purse.  These are some of the things that are a must have for me.

1. I hate to say, well no I don't leggings have become a staple in my wardrobe. They are comfy and easy to dress up or down and a key element for travel in my opinion.

2. Must always have gloss, this is a new favorite that I gited to my sister for Christmas.

3. Compact travel bag, I love this bag. It holds a lot when especially if you roll your clothes, has wheels and  has mutiple pockets.

4. Gum, to assist with ears popping and got to keep the breath fresh :)

5. Scarf, easy way to keep warm on the plane and avoid the airline blankets ( certain those are not washed on a regular basis) and to add a pop of pattern of color to an outfit.

6. Oversized tee, for me their is nothing worse than being uncomfortable while traveling for  x amount of hours. I like to wear semi-chill (lounge) attire.

7. An ipod or mp3 player is a stable to drown out that snorer to the left or loud eater to the right. :)

8. Great reading material for when the flight seems to be never ending, you know that part of the trip where you are almost there but you feel like you should be there already. A book  or magazine is a good way to get your over that hump!

9. I always put on my suns to mask  dragon eyes, lol.

What are your travel essentials or tips to traveling light? Have a terrific weekend!


  1. excited to see you soon!! traveling light is the way to go, especially now. enjoy your weekend!

  2. What color plushglass? Those I love.

  3. Fun post!! have a good trip

  4. i need to own that bag..and i would so use it every.single.day. those shades are hawt too!! have a fun and safe trip!

  5. I LOVE MAC lip products. THe slimshine is also brilliant, since it is easy to put on color without looking into a mirror and keeps lips moist.

    I always bring a refillable water bottle that is empty thru security, and then I can fill up near the gate. I get so thirsty on flights!

    Thanks for sharing your list--I love the photo.

  6. why doees this look exactly like the outfit i wore while flying back from new york the other day? haha! (minus the shades add some bangles)

  7. I'm so bad at packing light ... I definitely need to take some tips from you! (I was just looking through my closet to analyze what I'm gonna bring...)

  8. Have a great trip!!


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