srsly. obsessed pt. 2

i know i said i loved sherlock but this movie right here....knocks it out of the box! I am so obsessed (like pirates of the caribbean obssesed) with it, it is beyond beautiful and totally magical. You must go see it and in 3D if you can. I don't know how I am going to stand waiting for it come out on dvd.  James Cameron please make it happen sooner rather than later....
it makes me want to be a Na'vi female warrior and ride a mountain banshee!
...if you like movie triva and have seen the movie, check out some trivia about the


  1. really make me wanna go see that movie! If it's that good, I'm gonna make it my business to see it (in 3d of course) this weekend.

  2. Saw it in 3d with the husband over Christmas--and yes it was great! It was time I've seen a 3 hour movie and when it was over said, 'it can't be done yet!'

  3. Saw this movie with hubby in IMAX 3D and I was blown away! I LOVE the graphics and the storyline... I want to go watch it again! {lol}

  4. i've seen it twice now and i'm planning on going again this weekend. i truly believe its the best movie of my lifetime. i can't stop talking about it! lol. glad you're just as obsessed as i am! <3 ya!

  5. Well, I had no intention of seeing this because I truly thought it was a kid's movie (because of the cartoon Avatar) but the more hype I hear the more I think I'm interested. Hmmm

  6. Hi, Vee! I just saw this movie tonight and it was just wondrous! I'm right there with you...I want to be a Na'vi warrior too!


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