date one with our city....

We went into the city Sunday afternoon to check out the chinese new year festivities. We missed the parade but it was cool to see the dragons, Synai made a friend on the street that shared her pop rocks and to hear the firecrackers (didn't get to see them because of the amount of people around them) and watch the rest of the celebration from the fuddruckers streetside windows while we had a fun late lunch! It was fun outing and Saadiq had a yummy milkshake, a first for him there, he loves vanilla milkshakes! My quest for us is to venture out into the city once a month for these family dates, we are excited!



We had to hit up UO, where Saadiq had fun trying on sunglasses. They both LOVE sunglasses, guess they get from their mommy, ha! He fell in love with a green pair, that had an s on bridge, but they were broken :(. I can see a change in  him, where he is becoming more expressive with his clothes. I guess that happens we you are about to hit the double digits, he will be 10 this year, ack!!! I can't believe it! :)

throwing shade

throwing shade 2.

starting to play around with my la2010 mini, completed this spread this morning. I loaded the paper halfway into my printer and my photo got all whacked out, just rolled with it and tore some of it off, the remnants from it is on an atc in the post below.
supplies used: studio calica stamp, paper and ribbonbasic grey chipcoard alphas, making memories paint

who is watching lost? i have the strange feeling i am going to be punked in the end, not sure what to think of this last season so far!


  1. those sunnies are awesome!! and i am watching lost for the very first time. thank goodness for a boyfriend who is willing to explain the confusion.

  2. Oh, the coolness!!!!!! That is one cute boy :)

  3. I just adore the pics and the sunglass pics are priceless!!

    I have been watching Lost since the beginning...still lost and I sure hope we are not going to be punked at the end!!! We shall see!!

    Wishing you a great week!!!

  4. Yes...Lost is crazy! It has me wondering...

    Oh and beautiful pictures!! Cute boy!

  5. omg this is such a great idea! i want to join in the fun. that looks like such an amazing UO...

  6. Way to roll with it. I would have flipped.

  7. Beautiful mini, love your polaroid wall too! Can't wait to see what you do with the kit. Are weekends or weekdays easier for you to do Chipotle?

  8. saadiq, looing good in the shades!

    and yeah, i'm feeling the pre-punk already. if they EVEN right off the entire show as one of Hurley's dreams while in the mental ward, i'm going to be pissed.

  9. I love this post! I've been meaning to do a Chattanooga layout for ages. I should get on that.

  10. LOST! OK I don't want to be a downer, but I don't have that same, HOLY Shhhhhh feeling after each episode like last season? Is it just me? It took me 3 sittings to get through this week's? Ugh. I hope that turns around quick!

    I'm still playing catch up and MISSED your blog so much. Thank you Google Reader for saving it all up for me :) Happy Friday!

  11. LOST is freaking me out. totally with you and i fear a let-down.

    (but I'm loving saadiq's modeling skills! what a cool kid. he's got style like his momma.)

    and the LA mini! SUPER fly.


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