10 things

i always love reading list and a happy list seemed fitting for today
10 things that make me happy:

*being able to drive with the sunroof open and the music blaring to over by drake
*the harem pants I am wearing today...ultra comfy
*a great burger from BRG
*warmer days where high heeled sandals are making a daily apperance
*listening to synai read to me yesterday, love her little voice and hearing her confidence get stronger with each word
*my mother's voice
*this season of grey's anatomy
*my sister's recaps of her daily commute and conversations
*ranunculus flowers
*god's grace

what are you happy about today?


  1. happy about finally feeling better (cold/allergies/whatever was stuffing me up is going away) and having time to do the things i enjoy. love your new blog design!!

  2. Lovely pic, Vee!! Love all those necklaces :)

    I wish I had a list too... :(
    What makes me happy every single day is my daughter's face.

  3. I am happy for this very moment, my daughter's laugh and her stunning 7yr old wit, my husband's love and the fact that Spring has arrived here in NE Florida!

  4. I'm just happy to be here! Happy that HE woke me and my loved ones up this morning! Joyful that I have the opportunity to do so many things, and hopefull that I will choose to do a lot of good ones!
    On the lighter side; I'm happy that my Bella is not pregnant, and that the vet said it is "false pregnancy" (she's getn' spayed in 2weeks)!! Thank goodness...I'm too young to be a grandma! LOL!

  5. given the week i've had,
    thankful for:
    a loving family who loves unconditionally and with every chamber of their heart
    good friends that make me laugh til it hurts
    teachers that make a daily impact, give 110% and do so with such compassion
    God's grace
    a trip to hambly today:)
    and inspo blogs like yours!

  6. Love your List!!!1 I am Happy to be Alive and going away for the weekend with my best friends!!! We will be scrapping also...even better!!!

  7. I am happy about yoga tonight, fish for dinner, a semi-clean house, Mad Men Season 3, disc 1, tax refund...ice cold water to drink...the list goes on.

  8. gorgeous!!

    i am happy for longer days. like till 8pm.


  9. ranunculus... LOVE these! :)

  10. this is a beautiful list, Vee!


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