and the la la mini continues ♥

first off, it's friday...yay! :) It is a rainy one but Friday none the less! :) As promised I have been playing with paper and still cutting, printing and painting up my la mini. below are a few more pages....
love this hotel, srsly could live here and because I know what the rooms look like instantly spotted it on be good johnny weir the other night ( love him!):

checking in and letting my family know I arrived safely, photo by jen...thanks girl!:

walking the show floor with my girls and taking photos with super sweet girls:

including lots of fabstrips, they are one of my fabric products to use and of course paint, threads and spray ink! I am hoping to finish this lil' book up this weekend. You have any plans for the weekend? I am not sure what mine are, like it better when things just happen on the fly! Hope you have a great one, xo!


  1. your mini is filled to the brim with marvelousnessssss!!!! loveit!!! Happy Weekend to You, too!

  2. wow, these are such great pages!

  3. Love your mini. Full of awesomeness.

  4. Loving that mini!! So cute! Hope you have a great weekend:) And yes, I realize I use the exclamation point way too much LOL...
    Love, Jess

  5. Vee, dude... NOBODY makes a mini like you. OMG, gorgeousness!!!

    And I LOVE the nail polish color. I need it!

  6. love your mint nails. ;)

    oh, and the mini! :)

  7. swoon! i could never get tired of looking through those pics ... so many rad memories. xo.

  8. THis mini is looking so gorgeous. And i love your nails, as always! i've got a friend visiting this weekend, so excited as i haven't seen him since last summer. Or plans are vague too, sometimes it 's better that way! Have a great one :)

  9. so pretty! love your little mini :)
    happy day to you luv,


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