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love it when wednesday rolls around, especially when the weather is near perfect!
you know what i love even more, sales! sometimes patience pays and you end up picking up a totally fru-fru skirt for $6 instead of $20 and some new sparkly kicks for a very girly girl (synai loves skirts and dresses, the more "spiny" they are the better, lol). I love deals like that especially when it comes to children clothes since they grow so fast.

two sneaks for the april cocoa daisy kit, it is gorgeous! it has some of my favorite papers from crate paper's brook line. It goes live 3.28!


  1. Worst.Enabler.Ever!
    Love the sneak!!!

  2. LOVE the sneaks and those shoes....swoon....now all I need is a little girl!!!!

    Have a great one sweet friend!!!

  3. Love your gorgeous sneaks! Score on the deals! If I can get myself away from yardwork, we really should go to Chipotle!

  4. i agree with anilu!! :) i want to scrap with you soo badly. as soon as my studio is finished, you're coming to play. :) :)

  5. Wow these sneaks are great! I can't wait to see the rest & the kit!

  6. i have to agree with your little Synai about the skirts opinion!!


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