in what reality


i am know a watcher of the entire real housewives franchise!
this is my first season of the new york edition and omg, what took me so long?!
i know the show is filled with petty over the top arguments but it is shamefully entertaining
bethenny is my favorite and if I have learned anything from watching the first few shows of this season is that jill does need to get a hobby, lol!
seems like their is a "vicky" type on every one of these

as you know my love"reality" tv  has no bounds, these are my favs: for the love of ray j, keeping up with the kardashians, khloe and kourtney take miami, kendra, teen mom, rupaul's drag race, kell on earth,the hills, the city, fantasia for real, project runway,the rachel zoe project,the t.o. show,real world challenges and jersey shore....

but i do have my limits no daisy of love or tool academy, lol lol


  1. Oh, BIG fan here too. I need to catch up on New York and Atlanta!!!

  2. Ooh, I am SO into the housewives. NYC is my favorite ;)

  3. have you seen "pretty wild"? dude.

  4. i don't watch, but everyone always says that i'm like "teresa". not sure why. probably shoudln't share that. ha!

  5. I LOVE the newyork and orange county housewives, along with keeping up with the Kardashians AND just started watching Kendra. I am an addict to these reality shows now! the other ones I LOVE LOVE LOVE are Biggest Loser & Tori & Dean HOme SWeet Hollywood!


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