pretty much

pretty much my favorite piece of jewelry right now...

favorite nail polish and I usually don't like pink but trust this is the perfect neutral shade (pop art pink).

white  watches, I have this on by Nixon only down side is the the band is effected by the dye in my dark clothes.

so ready for LOST tonight, so eXcited! Things are finally getting good, I can't believe after tonight we will only have seven episodes left...insert sad face.


  1. Wow, I love that watch!

  2. Oh, you are such an enabler. Love it all!

  3. ok. You have won me over with your essie nail polish love! couldn't find it local so just ordered the pop art pink and mint candy apple...and I don't even really have nails! But maybe these colors look best with shorter nails, no? excited to try it out--you enabler ;)


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