things are getting better all the time

I can already tell this week is going to be a quick one! I am ready for it because this weekend is going to gorgeous in the dmv, weather is suppose to be in the 50's! I had a great night sleep and feeling super creative and productive today. I finished up this layout this morning for cocoa daisy, current things I am into at the moment. I can't wait to look at this again in a year to see what is added to the list or how it has changed!

answered some questions this morning, have a question for me ask it here :)

wanted to share with you a new adhesive (glue glider pro) I just love and stumbled across in ac moore last week! I am in love with this adhesive! First, I run thru adhesive like water, you too?! :) Why do I love this  so much you ask, it is super easy to use, it's small (love using things that are easy to store/travel) and there is tons of adhesive in each application plus it is more value for your buck! I've used it nonstop since purchasing it and went back to the store to get refills just because panic set in, and was thinking I need to get refills just so I will have them and guess what they were already almost sold out, yeah... but I do see that has it as well.

also love american crafts this to that dot adhesive for smaller paper pieces, embellishments and overlays. The dots are really small and very tacky!

just sharing a few of the things I love to use while creating, do you have a favorite new product?

I have a great giveaway tomorrow from sam and emma, newest creative blessing sponsor! Off to prep my brain for tonight's episode of LOST, can only hope it is going to get better as the season progresses....

ps. couture cardstock is having a BIG contest and giving away a prize a day for the month of March (awesome right?!), more details about the contest can be found here*


  1. Love the LO and I have that glue runner and love it toooo!!!

    I am so excited that the temps are on the rise!!! YIPPEE!!!!

    Have a great week!!!

  2. Love your layout!!
    And i have to take a closer look at that glue runner!

  3. love the layout!!

    and I really want to try that new AC adhesive! I've heard good things about it!

  4. Love the page! I've had the glue glider pro for almost a year now and I love it to bits and pieces! It's definitely more bang for the buck.


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