weekend, wish you could last one day longer

signs of spring inside

we had a great weekend, of course it went by way to fast but we did see alice in wonderland, which in my opinion could have ended a lot sooner, sorry kids, I loved how gorgeous it was and of course j.depp but the 3D effect didn't add anything for me... a.hathaway and helena bonham carter (actually she was totally brilliant) were totally fantastic as well!

finally excited that warmer weather is starting to trickle into the area which means better flowers arriving at the supermarket. I was beyond happy to pick up two bunches of ranunculus after the movie on saturday and quickly put them in vases. :)

had a wonderful family meal with some help from a recipe from the pioneer woman...pasta w. bacon & mushrooms, it is delish, i did use all half/half instead of the 1/4c. of heavy cream that the recipe calls for, it will make the cream sauce thicker if you use it and I didn't mix in the bacon into the sauce, added it last and tossed with the pasta, because I like to keep my bacon crispy!  Everyone loved it, if you are looking for a new recipe, this one is a keeper!

saturday's dinner

setting the table

Synai's loves to set the table, she takes her job serious, :).

deep concentration

out to play

it is nice to be able to be outside without multiple layers!
to truly feel the sun and enjoy longer days
the oscars were predictable, loved the dresses but not how long it is, fell asleep just before best actress was announced, that too was predictable, haven't watched an entire show ever, lol.
here's to monday and all that the week brings!


  1. great shots! why does everything taste better with bacon?

  2. Fabulous pictures! The pasta looks yummy, and your daughter is a cutie!!!

  3. your pictures are GORGEOUS!!! and your post is just another sign that I need to get Ree's new cookbook and cook my way through it!! wonderful!!! thanks for the inspiration, Vee!!

  4. ummm...yum!! Love pasta dishes like that.
    And I really want to see Alice, but so far evereyone has says other than Helena, it's just so so..bummed...
    So it's warming up there? My neighbor had to shovel 2 feet of snow for me at my house in Phila last week!!

  5. Yummy!

    May I borrow your daughter? She looks like a great help around the house. Maybe she could teach my 19 year old a thing or two about that. ;)

  6. Anonymous7:18 AM

    really cute pics of the kids! robin

  7. I'm with you nearly 100% on the Alice issue - the 3D was not a plus for me through most of the film, too forced and often too fuzzy. I would like to see it again in old-fashioned 2D, just to compare. Helena Bonham Carter was the best. I kind of though the bozo hair also was not a plus!


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