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happy friday!
my goals for nsd tomorrow are to finish my cali mini (latest pic of complete page in mini, sorry for the less than stella photo of it thanks iphone-well it was the user/sorry iphone), make a few layouts, finish up last week's dare and to enjoy the gorgeous weather we are suppose to have this weekend. do you have any plans for nsd, please share...

Tricia at Cocoa Daisy is hosting a fundraiser for Linda Burnasakorn aka lbofglue. I've always love Linda sense of humor, love for her family and creativity. I feel in love with her pages in the dares book and then her blog because she has such a great wit! I was sadden last year when I heard that she had been hospitalized and fighting for her life. I couldn't understand how this young mom of two be in ICU and in a coma within a blink of an eye, she had just had her second child. Linda has come a long way but now without complications such as pneumonia, collapsed lungs, multiple infections, internal bleeding, organs on the verge of shutting down, blood clots and so much more. But because of all the things she had to overcome and endure the doctors had to amputate both of her feet and all of her fingers. I believe in Linda and her family that she will become stronger each day but there are other things in life which make her recovery so much more stressful like hospital bills. If you make a $10 donation towards the fundraiser you will have a chance to win a trip to Cocoa Daisy Destinations event in Greece with Ali Edwards, Karen Russell and Jenni Bowlin worth $3000 or other great prizes donated by Kenner Road, Scarlet Lime,Studio Calico, Ali Edwards and many more!

However every donation helps even if it is $1.00, eta: just made my donation too! Find out more about Linda and the fundraiser here.

Linda's story is just proof that in the blink of an eye life can change. It is important to cherish your life, family and the moments you have with them always. Thank you to all who read this....
have a great weekend,xo


  1. wow, makes you stop and think. Vee, it's so nice of you to spread the word for her and her family.
    Can't wait to see more of your mini, too.

  2. hey...I know that lady! hehe, can't believe your actually have a pic of me.
    I just donated. I had too. Her story is incredible as is she. Thanks for posting this.

  3. I read Linda's blog, so I knew about her story. I didn't know about the fundraiser, though! Thanks for alerting me, Vee, and I'll make a donation! Glad to help :)

  4. Yep, just blogged about Linda too. Happy National scrapbook day! I'm late, I know. Soon with the chipotle, I need that guac more than evah! :)


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