our easter weekend

i hope you had a great holiday weekend, we spent lots of time outside enjoying our gorgeous spring/summer weather!

I was so happy to see my two little dumplin's,they had a blast with their nana. She spoils them and they love it as does she! We went out thrifting on Saturday, so much fun but didn't see anything that I was just dying to have but glad to finally have some local shops to keep an eye out for things. We went to church yesterday and my mom prepared a wonderful meal with all of our favorites!

I love the south and the mat in the first photo sums up home perfectly, no matter how long I stay away or how frequently I visit, it is still home and everyone is always happy to see you. Sometimes that is loss in bigger cities where everyone is in a rush, sometimes always rude and a smile is few in between.

so we are back into the thick of it today, school and work...patiently awaiting summer vacation in june to arizona!



  1. gurllllllllll--that necklace is funkee fresh and fierce---LOVE IT!!--your kids are adorable---remain blessed!!!

  2. Oh yeah, that necklace is the bizness, along with your shades! What part of the south were you in? You are so right about the south. Whenever I go visit my fam in NC, I wanna stay!

  3. looooove your photos...

  4. Love these pics...you are so beautiful and the children...so cute!!!

    Love that necklace!!!!

    I know what you mean about the summer temps...I had to cut the ac on last night!!!

    Have a great week!!!

  5. love love the pictures.

    and man you always have the best accessories!!!!

  6. ARIZONA?????

    You're coming to my 'hood?
    Keep me in the loop.


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