spring and summer meals

as the days are getting longer and warmer, my idea of fun is being outside not in front of a stove for long periods of time on the weekends. in the spring/summer my comfort foods are of the grill variety, salads or pasta dishes. as I searched for a variety of recipes, these are some of my favorites I came across. cross your fingers, I will try to post each recipe as I make them to see how they faired in my househould where 2/4 is a picky eater!

image and recipe:delicious days
Bulgur salad with cranberries recipe

image and recipe: simply recipes
grilled corn salad

image and recipe: guiltykitchen
spring asparagus and pancetta fettucine


  1. oooooo - i'm totally going to have to try these. they look so good.

  2. yum! thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh I am loving each of these...thanks for sharing...I am off to check the recipes!!! YUM!!!

  4. these are making me so hungry. Must know how they turn out!!!

  5. Those look yummy, especially the spring asparagus one! I was just having a conversation with my mom today about how during warm months I hate to be cooking...I'm the exact same way. I want grilled stuff, salads, I make a mean pasta salad:) Can't wait to try some of these! Love, Jess


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