images: camiyak;mikebootac

i'm so not ready for it to be over but at the sametime i want some closure. yes closure, want questions to be answered, want to see if my sister theory about jack and sawyer is right, want time to let it all resinate that it is really over
will we ever know what the man in black's real name is?
why did desmond hit locke?
who will get off the island?
will kate finally die?
see questions....
and much like jack above...after sunday i will miss you LOST :(


  1. OMG VEE,
    There will be NOTHING on TV to watch!!!!
    I am so sad, yet excited to have my questions answered.
    Just ugh.
    I have a GOOD mind to stay home and watch and just miss Kayla's soccer practice lol.

  2. dude, yes. (i need help in dealing with the end of this whole thing.) LOVE that first pic. sigh.


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