this instant

-really need to get my bangs thinned out and trimmed, so they have been braided to the side this week so far.
-had my first cold stone creamery experience this weekend, oh so good!
-craving chocolate right now but going to eat an orange instead which by the way are so good this year!
-always on the quest for the perfect overized tee or sweatshirt
-believes that having great nail polish is a necessity
-really looking forward to the beach this summer
-has hopes of a great season of true blood (mini episodes are the best on sunday night) in three weeks is getting me over my grief of LOST, promise last time mentioning it, lol.
-can't wait to see what craziness is going to happen on the hills/city tonight!
-excited to see satc2 this weekend, who else is going to see it, may have to pop in the first movie tonight while I scrap!
-gaining momentum on the next workshop, will post details soon!
-pretty much obssesed with this make up palette
-nine days until vacation, oh yeah!


  1. That is such a great eyeshadow palette!!! Yum!
    Love this post!
    Hope you're having a happy day!

  2. Cant wait to see your next workshop!!

  3. sweet cream icecream, strawberries and chocolate shavings. that's my cold stone go to. dammit, now I'm having a craving.

  4. Cold Stone is the best!!! My fav is the butter pecan with pecans....I am super excited about SATC2...thinking about skipping work to see an early show on Thursday:)

  5. great list! love coldstone, hills/city, need to cut my bangs, too, still lost over lost ... (and I love that when I read your blog now, I can hear your voice saying these things.)

  6. Fabulous List...I adore Cold Stone and Chocolate toooooo!!!

    I can't wait for TB also.....hurry!!!

    I just put this awesome baby blue polish on my nails and toes and I'm loving it!!!

    Have a Fabulous week!!!

  7. yay for lists! especially of nice things, and not "TO DO".x

  8. I agree with the nail polish and I've heard so much good things about Urban Decay but never tried it.

    Do you think you will be coming to FL to teach????


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